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The U.S. Open

Winged Foot: Graveyard of Champions

My new piece is up at Golf Observer – Winged Foot:  Graveyard of Champions.
The piece is dedicated to my cousin Maryanne Flemma Wiatr, who died of cancer this July at the age of 55.  It was written mostly in the days between her passing and her mass of Christian burial.  May perpetual light shine upon her.

Phil Mickelson’s strategy at the U.S. Open strengthens the argument for furrowed bunkers

Bunkers are supposed to be hazards. Old Tom Morris said they are meant to be places of punishment and repentance. But today’s player attck the pins and gleefully spin the ball close to the hole for scoring chances. Phil Mickelson plays the 307 yard par-4 6th hole by trying to put the ball in the bunker to try to position himself for a birdie. He’d would...

Jim Furyk should make extreme swallowing a sport

They teased him in the locker room, but phlegmatic Jim Furyk, out of commission at Westchester from a swallowining injury (SWALLOWING INJURY!) had the last laugh. After “throwing my head back awkwardly,” and wrenching his back and neck badly last week, Furyk is right in the thick of the hunt at the U.S. Open with just a few extra doses of Aleve.  With...

Ernest Hemingway would get the U.S. Open

Mamaroneck, NY Here are snippets from tomorrow’s piece for cybergolf. Ernest Hemingway once wrote that, “the purpose of art is to bring order our of chaos, a tall order when chaos is static and a superhuman task when chaos is multiplying.” Hemingway should have covered the chaos that is the U.S. Open. This pressure cooker is a microcosm of the rule...