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Tiger, Phil, Immelman, Harrington off on practice rounds at 2007 U.S. Open

OAKMONT, PA – Remember that great 70’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar? They asked the musical question “What’s the Buzz? Tell me what’s happening, What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening…”

Here’s the buzz from Tuesday’s practice rounds:
After saying he “broke 100” Tiger Woods was off early this morning. Those who viewed his practice round say he was in total control – analyzing, executing and finishing. Woods played a five-wood and a 2-iron to the par-3 288 yard 8th hole (which actually plays severely downhill).  The five-metal was a lofted fade, the 2-iron was a stinger, but both balls ended up on the green within twelve feet of each other.

Phil’s wrist was still a concern.  He only played nine holes today and deliberately did not hit any balls out of the rough.  He said he has inflammation and is not pain free.  “I’ve got a really good game plan mapped out for the tournament.  I’m just not sure if I’m going to be ready to implement it. because I haven’t had the normal practice and preparation I would normally have going into a major.”

“288 yard par-3?  So what?!” seemed to be the question from Trevor Immelman…who scored an ace on the 8th hole with a three wood.  Fully recovered from being down with disease earlier, the South African from Capetown hopes to parlay the good luck from the ace into the weekend.
Finally, Padraig Harrington said the course was fine today, but could become a bear if the USGA wants to bare Oakmont’s fangs.  “I don’t think I’ve played a golf course with as many hazards as close to the fairway on both sides of the fairway….If it stayed like yesterday and today for the whole week, I think – with the little bit of give in the greens that there is – I think it would be a very fair challenge; a difficult challenge but fair.”  He then looked at the USGA’s Rand Jerris with a knowing smile and added “I don’t know what the intentions arebut certainly with a little bit of give in the greens it makes it reason able to play into such severe undulating greens.”

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