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The U.S. Open

The 2006 U.S. Open – The Long Hot Grind Begins

MAMARONECK, NY – The sign reads “Mamaroneck” but Welcome to The Long Hot Grind over Dark Bloody Ground.  U.S. Open week has arrived, where pars are the coin of the realm, birdies are an endangered species and double bogeys are ruthlessly doled out in fistfuls and stamped “paid in full” in the anguish of the contestants.              Mind you, that’s before we...

Early reports from Winged Foot – Rough!

Early reports from the “kinder gentler” Winged Foot with its intermediate rough to “make the punishment fit the crime” (Mike Davis quote) are showing high scores in the “punishment” department. Two golf writer colleagues of mine report the fairways so fast balls contain less in the fairway and when the ball rolls to the edge of the...