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More bad luck for Doak! Fire at Common Ground in Colorado

Man, the hits just keep coming for Tom Doak. Dude, did you break a mirror or something? Yesterday brush fire ripped through a Colorado plain coming dangerously close to housing and Tom Doak’s redesign work at Common Ground Golf Course, a municipal club outside Aurora, CO.  The fire came within feet of the 12th green.  Here’s the latest.

Hat tip:  Tom Patterson and Golf Club Atlas, who have great before and after pictures as well.  There are some hysterical jokes running on the GCA thread:

Tom Doak (joking, of course, but still really funny):  “No way that catches on its own.  I would suspect David Kidd, but I know he’s out of the country right now. :)”

Jeff Brauer (also joking):  “Does this prove Tom Doak is “on fire” as a designer?”

Thanks to Adam Russell for finding these.