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Jay’s Plays NFL Picks – 2019-2020 Divisional Playoff Predictions and Analysis

Torrey the Prediction Cat went 3-3 last week, 1-2 in teasers. That’s a mezza-mezza start after a blistering regular season campaign of 55-17, 22-14 in teasers. He hit with the Texans and the Vikings, and lost with the Patriots and Eagles. Here’s this week’s winners before they happen. As always we use the lines from www.vegasinsider.com and move the line six...

Jay’s Plays NFL Picks – 2018 Wild Card Weekend

As usual, Week 17 – a.k.a. Bookie’s Revenge – took everyone to the cleaners, including Ernesto the Prediction Iguana. Always the toughest week of the season to handicap because you don’t know which teams will rest what players, our intrepid King of Animal Prognostication went 1-3, 0-2 in teasers, depressing the otherwise solid regular season...