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My Ryder Cup Picks, an NFL Picks Update, and Steve Czaban Skewers Roger Goodell

While we await the Captain’s Picks for the Ryder Cup Tuesday morning, a lot has happened in the sports world!

Are you ready for some football?! With the arrival of the season comes the return of the best sports prognostication on the Internet, (in the last four years:)) Ive been running at well over 59%, sometimes as high as five points more!

This year we’ll also be doing the Jay’s Plays picks on my Jay’s Plays Radio Show on The Golf News Net Radio Network as well as here. As you know, we don’t make our first picks until Week Four or Week Five – Rule 1 of winning prognostication, avoid the randomness of the first quarter of the season. Let teams identify themselves a little. Right now, we are leaning towards the Giants, Niners, Packers, and Saints in the NFC, the Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, and Colts in the AFC, with the Niners beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. For an EXTRA bit of fun, tune in when Steve Czaban and I preview BOTH the Ryder Cup AND NFL season on my radio show.

Czabe, by the way, does an outstanding job breaking down how the latest Roger Goodell ruling on player discipline will result in legal shenanigans and nightmares.

What’s that? Who do I think will get the nod from Tom Watson? All right, I’ll bite…

TOM WATSON’S PROJECTED PICKS: Ryan Moore, Brandt Snedecker, Keegan Bradley

WHO WOULD I PICK: Webb Simpson, Ryan Moore, Keegan Bradley, (by default).