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Jay’s Plays NFL Picks – See why WE Don’t Start Until Week 5?!

I love the first three weeks of the season – you get to say “I told you so” a lot:)

Dear Jay:
Why do you start your Jay’s Plays NFL Picks as late as Week 5? I want to bet now.
T.C. in the ‘Cuse

Good to see you T.C.

Here’s why we wait till Week Four or Week 5: BUffalo over Chicago, Miami over New England, Cinci won in Baltimore, The Titans won at Arrowhead, (at Arrowhead!!), the Texans smooshed the Redskins, (REDSKINS!), and Pitts burgh needed a last-second field goal to beat Cleveland after leading 27-3! That could have been worst goatscrew ever.

The wisdom? You have to let teams identify themselves before you bet your hard-earned bread. You know 90% of the league will hiccup at least once in the first quarter. Why should you pay for it. Come Week Four, we’ll be ready, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, we’ll have Crestwood again on the Architect’s Progress series and RTJ2, Neil Sagabiel, Bruce Moulton, Jim Engh, Cameron Morfit, the Tobacco Road guys, Forrest Fezler and golf/fishing comedian Bobby Wilson on Jay’s PLays!

If you want entertainment, go somewhere else. If you want to win, come here.