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Golf Writer Jay Flemma receives press credentials to U.S. Open

Thanks to the architects who appreciate my perspective on public golf and course design, the writers who have befriended me, my and most importantly, you my readers, I received press credentials to cover the 2005 U.S. Open at Pinehurst.

I’ll provide stories from past Opens in the coming weeks. There will also be features on Pinehurst, other major tournament venues, public golf perspectives and, of course, course reviews and architecture features.

I have found my moral imperative; to promote affordable and superlative public golf and to educate readers about advanced nuances of design. Golf is egalitarian by nature. It’s playable by anyone physically able to swing a club, from 3 to 103. Moreover, the future is now. We can pay homage to tradition without being a slave to it. We can demand strategic designs with modern twists instead of just accepting parkland designs from 20-50 years ago. By learning more about architecture, we can improve as players, increase the golf knowledge of the public at large, and free designers to be more creative.

Also, look for my first piece in a monthly print periodical coming very soon!

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