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Whoops! San Diego Chargers fail Marty Schottenheimer test

Remember the article I wrote here?  About how the Chargers were right to keep Marty Schottenheimer?

Scratch that last.  Egos got in the way.

Well, now Marty is free to go to some other horrid franchise with a cultural footprint of losing and save their bacon.  Quick!  Name the last time a 14-2 franchise fired the head coach.  Never, that’s when.  See ya Chargers.  Enjoy your free fall to third place in the AFC West.
Meanwhile my Steelers are stuck with Mike Timlin.  Good heavens!  A 4-3  defense guy with a rock solid 3-4 team he doesn’t need to do a darn thing with to be competitive and he’s gonna flush the Steelers just like he led the Vikings to nowhere.

I’ll bet Oakland is furious right now.

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