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Top Ten Captions for This Ghastly Picture of Ian Poulter


10. Wow, Michelle Wie really needs to shave her legs.

9. That’s not Ian Poulter, it’s a villain on “Doctor Who.”

8. IJP Designs EPIC FAIL!

7. I thought the guys in DEVO all wore funny hats?

6. The art of Seduction…NOT!

5. Okay, I’m ready for another Ice Bucket Challenge.

4. This is what happens when you lose a bet to Joost Luiten.

3. Wonder Twin powers…ACTIVATE!!!

2. Times are tough when you keep missing PGA Tour cuts. (Hat tip: Al Charron)

And the number one caption for this ghastly picture of Ian Poulter…

1. And you thought Miguel Angel Jimenez’s practice routine was scary…