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Border War! Vermont vs. New Hampshire Skiing – The Genesis of Gunstock Mountain

[Author’s Note:  This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on New Hampshire’s Gunstock Mountain.Though usually overlooked when discussing the gnarliest terrain in the east, Gunstock’s contributions to skiing history are monumental, dating all the way back to the primordial age of the sport in America. Small, but plucky, what Gunstock lacks in haute chic, it...

Locked and Loaded for a Fight at Gunstock Mountain?

Bad news out of New Hampshire. “There’s war in them thar hills” as they said back in the old wild west days. Gunstock Mountain, a staple of the New Hampshire repertoire may transfer from public to private hands, and locals, employees, and officials are not happy with the proposal. First, crediting the Laconia Daily Sun for the scoop, the team over...