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One singular moment of ugliness reigned supreme over the ESPN-endorsed craziness at the 16th hole at the TPC Scottsdale – Kevin Na was not merely heckled, but booed by the crowd.

It’s one thing to root a little harder for a favorite player, but mob justice has no place in golf. There is no booing in golf – no exceptions. It looks worse because it had the ugly undercurrent of America vs. a foreigner, another sentiment that has no place in our game and only fosters resentment against us as “ugly Americans.” Kevin Na is 21, the youngest player on tour. That should command some modicum of respect. How bout giving him his props for hanging tight with Phil on Phil’s home course? That also should garner him some respect. Finally, how about the graceful way in which he, Shigeki, Tanaka, Els, Goosen, Phil and DarrenClarke (to name a few), always conduct themselves.

True golf fans embrace any player, foreign or American, when they act like a champion. Savaging second is a pastime best reserved for writers and TV interviewers. Drunk galleries are only good for one thing….TV ratings and reporters. Sad to say, but I watched the tournament with my little nephews, age 17 and 15…and the only time they got excited was whenever 16 was being shown. And TV executives say its not their fault society is in decline…must be mine…I let them watch…

Kudos too to Phil, who endures everything with grace, whether its the media needing to know every detail of his personal life, pudits mercilessly scrutinizing equipment changes, collaring him with a “label” (best player never…” which should be put in a coffin and given a Texas funeral – then falling all over themselves to praise his victory. Through it all there is nary a snipe, snap or sour note from Phil.. Enjoy it Phil, not only did you win, but you delighted the “hometown fans.”

On a similar note, (classy…like Phil), hats off the the Patriots…the consummate definition of team. Notice how Bradshaw cut off owner Bob Kraft right as he was saying this Super Bowl win (and the other two) wasnt about strutting, mouthy, preening players, but about a team mentality? To those of you scoring at home, this kudo comes with a healthy serving of crow…the Patriots had to beat my beloved Steelers to get there. They earned it and they are behaving like champs in all respects. Credit where its due…

Similarly, how much better was a Paul Macartney than some in your face, edgy, gen-x niche act? EVERYBODY I know enjoyed the halftime show (for once). Yeah, ticket to ride was a bit campy as an opener, but he GAVE AWAY a Rickenbacker Bass to a fan (do you know how much that must be worth!?!) More than that, Live and Let Die with synchronized fireworks was epic and worldwide singalong “Hey Jude” was legendary. One act, not three (like that awful Aerosmith, NSync, Britney melange in 2000…there’s that word again…or last year’s train wreck. It all comes back to people acting reasonably and with a modicum of respect and dignity vs. lowest common denominator and force feeding tired garbage down the public’s throat. I wonder why big media wonders why cable is beating them like a rented mule? Must be a cyclical thing! That’s it;);)

One last note…is the eagles fight song strange…check this out…here are the lyrics:

Fly Eagles Fly
On the road to victory
Fly Eagles Fly
Score a touchdown 1,2,3…

I get the Fly Eagles part, so how and why should they fly ON A ROAD? Shouldn’t they FLY through the air…it makes no sense. They are eagles, what are they doing on a road? Then score a touchdown one two three? Touchdowns are worth 7…I think they could get something a little more snazzy. “Hail to the redskins” is by far the best fight song in all of sports. Athough that Houston Oilers No. 1 song used to give my fits growing up as a Steeler fan…infectious and easy to sing. Miami stole it and uses it now…too bad they are 2-14. Oh well they did beat New England, as did Pittsburgh. I would have loved a second shot at Philly…oh well. Cheese steaks all around…or not…

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