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Phil MIckelson has “lost his privilege” to go for it

Recently, I reconnected with an old college buddy. I invited him out for a drink. He replied that he had to refuse – he “lost his privilege.”

That’s an interesting choice of words – “lost his privilege.” I lauded him for his will power. After reading John Daly’s confession in Golf Magazine, my heart went out to him too. I may even give him a second chance.

Phil Mickelson is in the same situation when it comes to the siren that is temptation on the golf course. Has any player been burned more times going for the gusto than Phil? Have there been more high profile “lay-ups” – safe plays – that beat anybody in majors.

Geoff Shackelford turned my on to the wonder that is temptation. It’s what makes Augusta so dramatic. Except for rare circumstances like this weekend, it’s also erased from the U.S. Open usually in the severe set up.

The old Phil too often succumbed to the temptation…and lost. Then he watched as both David Toms and Payne Stewart STOLE majors from him laying up and rolling in 12-15 footers.

After Sunday’s debacle, Phil has lost his privilege to be the river boat gambler at the majors. He knew not to do what he did and he did it anyway.

I know that to truly consider yourself a golfer, you must have a sportsman’s soul – the soul of a lady or gentleman. But while the game demands that we tolerate and respect when golf becomes a morality play, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it or enjoy it.

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