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MIchael Vick: The failure of a media appointed savior

He was “the most dynamic and exciting player EVER!”

Now he may be just another vulgar, trouble making felon. ESPN made us believe Sundays would never be the same. But Michael Vick is facing a felony rap for hideous animal abuse. From the article:

“The search warrant was issued after an informant told Brinkman there were as many as 30 dogs carcasses buried on the property, and Poindexter said he is confident that evidence already seized from the home would be enough to hand down indictments.”
This is the man I’m supposed to genuflect to simply because he runs super-fast? There are lots of fast guys in the NFL. There are lots of guys who can throw balls well. ESPN would have you believe “we’ve never seen the like.” But the truth is, after he’s gone, there’ll be two more guys look just like himdoing magical things with a football. The talent pool is not exactly running dry.

We don’t need Pacman Jones either…plenty of guys run kicks back well.

Most importantly, I like my games better when people DON’T tell me who I have to like.  I’ll choose my heroes, thanks.  And my heroes tend to have class and integrity.

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