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Masters Coverage at JayFlemma.com, Golf News Net, 92.7 FM The Drive, and iHeartRadio


All signs point towards the Masters at Augusta national, the first major golf championship of the the year. Everyone is in good spirits as the Masters – Christmas for Golfers – has arrived. Not just Christmas, but a rebirth:  spring has sprung, and for those of you that aren’t skiers, but live, instead, the snow belt, the warm weather brings a welcome return of the golf season.

We have a lot of ground to cover this year. You’ll get two long pieces here and at Golf News Net. We’ll also be doing daily updates on the the radio at 92.7 FM The Drive with legendary Genesee Joe, the man who Alice Cooper dubbed “The Benevolent Dictator of Rock.” We did a short preview with him yesterday, and will be broadcasting those updates at all four of the season’s majors.

Finally, Rees Jones stopped by to record my first iHeartRadio episode for Jay Flemma Sports Report. We chatted about his famous family, his works worldwide, and then brought in Ryan Ballengee for some Masters insider tips.

So get ready for the most patron-friendly, down home charming, epic sports contest of the year. Tradition…beauty…brilliance…timeless…the Masters is back, and we are all the better for it.