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Jay’s Plays NFL Picks – 2017 Divisional Playoffs Predictions and Bettor’s Guide

Ernesto the Prediction Iguana went 3-0-1 last week, hitting on the Texans and the OVER against Oakland, and the Seahawks in their shellacking of Detroit. He got lucky pushing the STEELERS-dolphins game on the back end. That makes us 1-0-1 for the playoffs (64-21-3 overall this season, 23-13-3 in teasers).

Here’s this week’s winners before they happen. As always, we use the consensus lines from www.vegasinsider.com (a much stronger site for detail than Don Best) and we do 2-team teasers, so you can move the line six points either way, HOME TEAM IN CAPS.


COWBOYS +1.5 vs. packers
FALCONS-seahawks UNDER 57.5

With a week off fr the Cowboys and critical injuries shortening the Packers bench, Dallas has an edge. Their O-line will push around the Pack much more than the Giants did. It’s not so much the week off that helps the Falcons as it is the road trip that hurts the Seahawks, a mediocre team away from home at best.


steelers +8 at CHIEFS
CHIEFS-steelers OVER 38

I hear the Steelers want to trade Joey Porter to the Dolphins again. Joey, coaches don’t belong on the club. That’s not the Steeler way. With all the distractions, look for the Chiefs to score more than 14 like they did when the two teams met earlier this season. Watch for Tyreek Hill to break free at least once.

Now all the Game of Thrones fans are screaming, “REEK! REEK! HIS NAME IS REEK!”

TYREEK! REEK! MY NAMES IS REEK! #gameofthrones
TYREEK! REEK! MY NAMES IS REEK! #gameofthrones