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Heaven forbid Henrik Stenson should get dirty playing golf!

This is completely reedonkyoulous.  Henrik Stenson didn’t want to get his golf shirt or slacks muddy at the third hole at Doral.  This was the result.

Well, that should increase the demographic response in casual fans. Are we in South Beach or what? In Sweden I hear they’re making “swinger’s party” jokes.  I guess Forrest Fezler is finally off the hook for Oakmont ’83.    I’d give anything for a look at fan interviews after that.  Hefty fine and jokes about Swedish fashions in 3…2…1…

Oh this just screams for a caption contest.  Come on, Brian from Awful Announcing, where are you?  Quick!  Somebody get Henrik a gift certificate to Seize sur Vignt! (That’s 16 and 20 for those of you scoring at home).

Photo by Kyle Auclair. Well done, Kyle!