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Glengeagles Ryder Cup 2014 Pairings – Sunday Singles


Tom Watson has turned out to be Captain Useless this time around. He seats our most fearsome lightning rod of a tandem, Phil and Keegan for the length of a Bible. The past time they sat, they fell flat. Now we trail by the dreaded 10-6 margin. Moreover, with the amateurish way he front-loaded the singles – he said he knew what McGinley was going to do – Watson played into Paul’s hands instead of through them. Ugh. Get ready for a 7-5 or 6-6 score in singles and a flat day for the U.S.

And God help him if the rookies he’s leading off fizzle. It could be a landslide.

Can we come back? Doubtful. Simpson and Furyk look lost out there, (and Webb has been riding the bench since Friday morning). Plus Mahan and Bubba look vulnerable against a buoyant Rose and a machine-like Kaymer.

Then on top of that, we have to win every other match…on the road…with a flaccid Captain.

Where have you gone Ben Crenshaw? (…A video screen in the team room tonight, that’s it.)

Here are the pairings and projections:

1. Spieth v. MacDowell – A highlight reel, to be sure. The kid is still an underdog, but he’s barking like a the Rottweiler he is. Edge: EVEN

2. Reed v. Stenson – The rookie is every bot as hot as Stenson. It’s another 50-50 pick, but the kid may have more fire. Edge: USA

3. Fowler v. McIlroy – Rory wins this 3 out of 5 times. Edge: EUR

4. Mahan v. Rose – This is Justin’s stage to shine. He plays particularly well in the U.K. Can it be long before he hoists a Claret Jug? Edge: EUR

5. Mickelson v. Gallacher – Phil please do us all a favor and win, so we can scowl even harder at Watson? You realize that if you lose, there goes all our moral authority… Edge: USA

6. B. Watson v. Kaymer – Bubba is like Payton Manning. He needs perfect weather. Germany has been unstoppable at everything this year. Ride the hot hand. Edge: EUR

7. Kuchar v. Bjorn – Thomas’s beard loses against the Fashion Police 7&6. Kooch, if you lose to a choke artist who looks like he’s pitching for the Boston Red Sox, don’t come home. Edge: USA

8. Furyk v. Garcia – Leave it to Furyk to finally play well when it really doesn’t matter. He’s our Colin Montgomerie, only he lucked into a major that one time in Chicago. And if somehow the U.S. gets in contention, watch him go legs up. Edge: EUR

9. Simson v. Poulter – Ride the hot hand. SImpson is a greak kid, but he’s clearly overmatched here. But talk about a clash in styles…literally and figuratively! Edge: EUR

10. Bradley v. Donaldson – Keegan will tear him limb from limb, he’s so pissed right now. Edge: USA

11. Walker v. Westy – Westy’s star is fading quickly. Is this his last Ryder Cup? Until he’s Captain? If so, Well played, Mr. Westwood. You were a true Yankee Killer. Edge: USA

12. Z. Johnson v. Dubuisson – You;d think this course would fit Zach, but Dubuisson has played over his head. Edge: EVEN

Singles projection: 6-6
Final projection: EUR 15.5 USA 12.5