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Doug Ferguson Gives us More Facts on Jim Gray Dispute

Fergie, the AP’s golf beat writer says that Gray and Brown were composed in their discussion about Gray’s intrusive 14th tee questioning. Apparently other caddies were outraged about the breach of etiquette.

From the article:

Johnson’s caddie, Bobby Brown, had the wrong tee time for the opening round, leading to a two-stroke penalty.

Brown said Gray approached Johnson on his way to the 14th tee to ask him why he was late to the tee. As Johnson was signing his card, Brown told Gray that the middle of the round was not the time to be asking such a question….After the round, Brown took the blame for the mistake and then turned his frustration toward Gray while Johnson was signing his card for a 2-over 73. Gray walked up on the conversation and Brown said to him, “Dude, you can’t come up like that in the middle of the round. It had taken us 13 holes to get over that, and then you bring it up again.”

Gray was composed in debating the incident with Brown.

Johnson did not mention Gray during a brief interview with The Associated Press in the parking lot Thursday afternoon, but Stricker was visibly angry when discussing it after his round, and several other caddies were outraged when they heard about it.”

Art Spander also had an article at Global Golf Post’s weekly edition.

It seems thew initial reports of a serious argument between Brown and Gray may have been inaccurate. Early articles contained a quote that the two had a shouting match a la Gray vs. The Pavins famous WWE casting call video. Oh those crazy Californians and their drama! Still plenty of excitement and still no need for Tiger Woods!