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Dakoda Dowd’s mother succumbs to cancer

Golf Observer has coverage and there is this USA Today article as well.

From the article:

“Kelly Jo Dowd, a cancer-stricken mother whose dream of seeing her teen daughter Dakoda play in an LPGA event was realized last spring, has died. She was 42.

She spent years battling breast cancer, which her family said spread to her bones and liver, and then to her brain in the final months of her life. She died Thursday night at her home in Palm Harbor, Fla., a family spokesman said.

Her death came just over a year after seeing her daughter play in the Ginn Open in Reunion, Fla., when Dakoda, then 13, and her family went public with their story, even knowing Kelly Jo’s death was expected. Shortly before the tournament, the family was told Kelly Jo would have only a few months to live.”

We are so sorry Dakoda. Our prayers are with your family tonight.

Author’s Note:  It’s Dakoda with a D, not Dakota like the states.

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