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And now a word from our sponsors!

Time to send out some big thank yous to the guys that make my writing career possible…or at least easier and more fun.

First up HUUUUUUUUGE thank you to Glenn and Allison Van Nostrand and the little player to be named later (she’s expecting for those of you who didn’t get the joke on the first bounce). Glenn and Allison hosted me for a terrific week during the Hootie. Great food, great fun and most of all two of the kindest people you’d ever want to meet. They may be from NYC but they a truly a southern gentleman and lady.

Next, Seize Sur Vingt (pronounced “SAY Ser-VANT,” it means 16 and 20) just keep churning out the best polo-style golf shirts anywhere under a brand called “UBNY – United Boroughs of New York.” These shirts are Egyptian Cotton and were the talk of every tournament I cover or play in – from South Carolina to Pittsburgh to D.C. to New York City and all points of the compass. I wear the line with the UBNY logo on the right breast and a different “freedom fighter brigade” on the left breast. The black shirt I wear commemorates Corsica’s independance form Spain. Here’s a picture from last year’s Flemmapalooza Rock stars golf getaway in Colorado at Jim Engh’s amazing Pradera Golf Club. The light blue commemorating the Faroe Islands is the latest in my collection and I can’t wait to get the Wales shirt. These are a great line. You can see them at http://www.16sur20.com. Or if you’re in New York go to their store Groupe at 267 Elizabeth Street, http://www.groupe1620.com. Run don’t walk…and tell ’em Jay from Cybergolf and Golf Observer sent you.

Last, big ups to Robert, Bob and all the gang at Budde Cleaners for saving my bacon and getting me to Bayonne Golf Club on time for a big event last year. If you live in Queens and need to look your best Budde on Metropolitan Avenue is the place to go.

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