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All Points Bulletin Finds Woods Still Lost

The biggest win in D.A. Points’s life had a little bit of Cinderella story in it…as told by Bill Murray. It was the late ’70s all over again, as fathers and sons recited lines from Caddyshack at each other for an afternoon while D.A. Points carried Carl Speckler to victory while we all intoned in our best stoner voices, “tears in his eyes I guess as he lines up this last shot.”

And, of course, after jarring his approach on 14 for an eagle- the hardest shot at last year’s U.S. Open – everyone went, “It’s in the hole!”

So for one afternoon, everyone got to bask in fond memories due to guy who goes by his initials, and I don’t mean TW.

Meanwhile TW was disappointing yet again, and another course he supposedly owns. The sex scandal may have faded, but the after effects – two steroid scandals, one through Dr. Galea and another through BALCO linked Woods trainer Keith Kleven, and the still-as-yet-concluded fallout form an alleged “home invasion” of his ex-wife Elin – still have the former World No. 1 and Savior of Golf reeling. He’s gone legs up on Sunday with remarkable consistently in the last few months.

Woods has gotten every break possible. Except for NBC’s Ryan Ballangee and the New York Daily News, most golf writers have allowed the creepy alleged home invasion to be swept under the rug. Some fans hadn’t even heard about it. But of course, they couldn’t get away from the announcement that Woods is releasing a new video game. Still, Woods fired well over par rounds on the weekend for three consecutive tournaments. Alviros Quiros won. You don;t know him? He’s the guy all the chicks dig because he’s tall, dark, and Spanish.

So I ask you…who has provided more excitement this year? Did we need Woods at Torrey? Or at Pebble? No. Golf was just fine without Woods. In fact, most writers and fans agree – the telecast is better when he’s not n the hunt. You get to see more golf and more players.

Woods will likely play well at Augusta; he always does, but as long as the steroid investigation proceeds in two separate directions, and so long as Woods keeps self-destructing off the course, he’ll be mortal. Will he win again. Probably…even likely. Will he ever be the same? Not a chance.