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2011 Major Championship Venues Look Good for Tiger Woods

You might remember all the talk in late 2009 about how it looked like Tiger could run the table and win the Grand Slam of golf, (until a bunch of Ulricas and Jezebels got in the way), but 2011 looks like a great year venue wise for Woods as well.

The Masters – Woods plays well at Augusta National. Even with his world in flames and his wife screaming like Nancy Kerrigan at him, he was 11-under at Augusta and came in fourth. Pretty good considering…

The U.S. Open (Congressional Country Club Blue Course) – Not since Torrey Pines and before that Olympia Fields in 2003 have we seen such an easy and milquetoast U.S. Open venue. All the Devereux Emmet strategy has been scoured out and the bones are now a penal architecture bowling alley – not much for Mike Davis to work with, but he’ll have some interesting nuances, I’m sure. Woods has won there in the past and plays well at courses with flat greens.

The Open Championship (Royal St. George’s, Sandwich) – St. George’s is the Brits rejoinder to Olympic Club, weirdos win there, (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) still, Woods (T-4 in 2003) would have been in a playoff with Curtis had he found the ball he lost off the first tee on the first hole of the Thursday round. Still, this may the toughest of all this year’s crop for him to master.

The PGA (Atlanta Athletic Club) – The course is actually in John’s Creek as the town’s PR spokesperson reminded us incessantly last year. It’s a birdie haven where David Toms of all people set the major championship record for lowest aggregate – 268 – a sure bar bet winner with your buddies.

Look for Woods to win one, probably the U.S. Open.