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Video of the Week: Tiger’s New Respect for the Game of Golf

Here’s some video that qualitatively shows exactly how far along Tiger Woods is in trying to show more respect for the game and why suckers…sponsors should throw money at him without asking any questions.

Nice to see that he’s really learned something from his scandal and fall, and that he’s devoted to avoiding all the mistakes he made in the past like feeling entitled and treating everyone and everything as though it were beneath him. Yep…nothing to see here, move along. Tiger’s back!

By the way, it’s $5,000 per Fbomb, referred to in PGA Tour circles as the Tiger Rule, because it used to be $500 a pop, before the Tour had to do something about how foul Woods’s mouth was and how little he cared to improve.

Hank Gola also takes Tiger to task in the Daily News over the new Nike putter switch-and-whoopsie-switch-back, and for his disingenuous answers to even mundane questions. From the article:

He shot even-par 72 Sunday, going back to his old Scottie Cameron putter – a blow for Nike – but while it helped his putting statistics, it didn’t move him up the leaderboard.

Afterward, the broken record that has been Woods was playing again.

“I drove it great all week, hit my irons pretty good, and I did not putt well except for the first day,” he said. “I believe I had like nine three-putts for the week, so consequently I’m pretty far down the board.

“Actually I’m driving it better than I have in years, but I’m just not making the putts,” he went on. “It’s ironic that as soon as I start driving it on a string, I miss everything. Maybe I should go back to spraying it all over the lot and make everything.”

It’s obvious what’s really wrong. Woods’s self-inflicted scandal still dominates his life, and his troubles are still traveling right down the golf club.Between steroids, alleged love children, and the two-fronted steroids/PEDs war linked to him, he isn’t the same and never will be. The end-to-end dominance and the invincibility are gone. He’s now 1 of 156.