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Video of the Week – Brass Bonanza, the Hartford Whalers Victory March by Jack Say


While we wait for some interview subjects to get back to us, enjoy this amazingly fun musical interlude. Back in the day, the Hartford Whalers sailed the Adams Division seas of the NHL in their green and blue uniforms. The team never won a Stanley Cup, nor played in the Finals, but they were renowned and beloved for their over-the-top, bilious goal song, “Brass Bonanza.”

Upon taking the ice (or better yet scoring a goal) a triumphant blast of horns bursts forth, then bounces along in infectious celebration.There’s this little swingin’ interlude with organs that sounds a bit like a game show, then a quick, jazzy drum roll and it’s back to the horns wildly blowing in celebration. You can’t help but dance to it, it’s a scream. Fear the Whale! Fear the Whale forever!!

Well get this for cool:  the Sports Organists Network and Trade Associstion (SONATA – how’s that for an acronym NASJA? GWAA? BBWA, etc.?) SONATA got together and did a mash-up of ten of the MLB and NHL organists playing Brass Bonanza.

So much cool stuff to unpack there, starting with Lance Luce of the Detroit Red Wings who wins best organ and best sports coat. He rocked that; every game night is New Years Eve in that coat! Pete Cannarozzi gets the award for best washout, Dean Rosko for best pedal work, and Tabby Barattini for most winsome smile:)

Here’s the original. What I wouldn’t give for this as a ringtone!