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Video of the Week: New York Jets Fans will be Angry

It’s got to be hell on earth for Jet fans, but look, I knew years ago that there was a cap on how far you could go with Pennington – at best the AFC Divisional round…in a good year.  I know the Ravens won the SB with a crappy QB, but the Jets defense can’t even come close to comparing…indeed precious few defenses over the last few years can stand up to that standard.  New England…Pittsburgh…and that’s it.
So click here for a laugh…Roger Goodell to Eric Mangini – “Eric, this week the Eagles were using spy satellites operated by Andy Reid’s cousin who works for Nasa, before it was the Bills scrambling your headset instructions into French and before that the Ravens mascot had a recording device in his beak…

For those of you that are Jets fans, this is the best Jets weblog…excellent analysis.  Good work Brian.  I have one observation.  Neither the Jets not the Giants respect the Steelers as much as they should.  We constantly beat you and you’re always making excuses and never admitting “you know what, they are just better than us.”

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