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Taking the golf illness global!

Welcome everybody to on line blog for A Walk in the Park – the series of golf guides that highlight the country’s greatest PUBLIC golf values. If you are sick of skyrocketing greens fees, boring layouts, scrambling for teetimes, and those muni-course blues, take heart. We make egalitarianism a part of the game again. We tell you which courses are worth the money and why. Stellar designs by the games greatest architects and those terrific diamonds in the rough share the stage equally. The course counter (number of ranked courses in the US I have visited) is at 204. The journey has hit 36 states so far. By the time we are ready to finish the first volume of “A Walk in the Park” – the national volume – I should be close to 250 courses played and 42-43 states. This volume will feature 18 “Tour/Resort” facilities and 27 daily fee courses – all of which are designs of national significance. Plus we tell you how to get on the expensive courses cheap! Never pay through the nose or be disappointed again.

After that, plans are set for regional volumes to follow, “A Walk in the Park – Pacific Northwest,” “A Walk in the Park – Mid Atlantic”, etc. We even have plans for a volume of private courses. The weblog will soon blossom into a full website as soon as my website team gets it up and running, hopefully a few weeks.

In the meantime, we will be providing course reviews, stories from the road, interviews with course pros, touring pros, photos and much more. But the book and site are also about you – the forgotten consumer. So participate! Let us know what you think of the great courses (and whether their worth it), the great designers, and your favorite holes. Feel free to recommend your favorite course for our review. until then – get out and play! See you on the links – Jay


We have made every effort to insure that the information in this book or our website is both accurate and timely. However, the information may have changed for any number of reasons and at any time including market forces or economic conditions. As a result, be sure to call ahead or otherwise contact the courses to confirm the information before making any travel plans. The author, editor and publisher shall not be responsible for any inconveniences of any kind experienced by players and travelers resulting from changes in the information provided in this book or our website. If you discover any out-of-date or incorrect information in this book or our website, please let us know by contacting us. Play well.

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