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Sports News: Joe Torre saved, Mike Strantz honored, Jeff Mingay working hard

Just when you think the Yankees weren’t going to learn from one mistake and were about to make a bigger one, sanity prevails. Maybe Joe Torre played the wrong hunch sitting Giambi and playing Sheffield and Matsui, but who among us thought Matsui (and the rest of the Yankees) would get skunked by Kenny Rogers and Jeremy Bonderman? That was a lightning strike from Zeus. Nevertheless, Torre is a rock. He brings class, patience, wisdom and dedication to a merciless job and an organization obsessed with overspending and self indulgence.

Boy, $1.2 Billion just doesn’t buy what it used too! I know food in NYC is expensive, but that has to be the most expensive dish of CROW ever served up, no matter how big it might be.

Do you hear that? Stop for just a second and listen…that’s the sound of October silence in Manhattan. It’s music to a Red Sox fan’s ears. You had to see Yankee fans Saturday night. Silent, somber, but furious. Most importantly, there was no unfair grumbling about how they got robbed, no blaming the umps, no saying the Tiger got lucky. No, Yankee fans at least (for once) took responsibility and admitted that the Yankees stank out loud at the worst possible time.

Boom. It was over before they could blink. It’s staggering how fast they fell out of the sky.

It’s too bad they’ll have such a hard time moving A-Rod and his equally staggering and arguably wasteful contract. They may have outsmarted themselves by “scooping him away” from the Red Sox. “He’s a cancer in the clubhouse. I wish we could move him” said Gina Lopez of Queens. “They need to get rid of the dead weight” echoed Allen from Manhattan sullenly. “Guys like Wright, A-Rod and Johnson were brought here to win championships – plural. If they can’t do it, they should go the way of vasquez and Kevin Brown. Get ’em outta here and bring in someone who can. We’ve got a league to dominate and it’s there for the taking. I mean, look. Wo could have beaten us this year? The Mets? No, no one. That’s who” he continued, almost frothing as he spilled his libation wildly gesticulating.

Without Torre, they would have been seriously in danger of losing the division title next year. Let me say this out loud, so we all have it straight – somebody actually thought Lou Piniella could handle the prima donna personalities on this team in a more functional way than Joe Torre. Please – we’d have had the heady, hillbilly days of Billy Martin all over again.

Next, golf course architect Jeff Mingay, who works with Rod Whitman sends this note:

As winter approaches, the golf course construction at Sagebrush Golf & Sporting Club (Quilchena, British Columbia) is progressing well. Visit www.mingaygolf.com to read about the Sagebrush project and see construction photos from September 2006.
Also read about construction work currently in progress at Wolf Creek Golf Resort in Ponoka, Alberta, where Rod Whitman and co. are adding a new 9-hole course to the existing 27-hole facility ranked 22nd on SCOREGolf magazine’s list of the Top-100 courses in Canada.
MingayGolf.com also features additional information about upcoming Whitman/Mingay projects at Cabot Links (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) and Raven Ridge (Comox, British Columbia).
And last, the Selected Writing section at MingayGolf.com has recently been updated with new articles and essays by Jeff Mingay.
As you all remember, Jeff and I write together over at Golf Observer.
Finally, Bull’s Bay honored it’s designer, the late Mike Strantz today by unveiling a commissioned portrait of him in the clubhouse. The course is already a wonderful living shrine to his memory and was his home for the latter part of his life. A three day tournament in early November will match northern and southern golfers in a Ryder Cup style match at Bull’s Bay as well as his two excellent private Myrtle Beach courses, True Blue and Caledonia.

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