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Shut up already Charles Barkley

ESPN thoroughly disgusted me and betrayed every ordinary citizen ever burdened with any kind of addiction when they rolled out Charles barkley to offer “expert analysis” on, get this, he gambles too much money when he loses.

Could someone point me to any poignant analysis in the disgraceful rant that followed? What exactly are we supposed to have learned by the fact that he gets free passes from hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt the rest of the world would be whacked over? What horrors has he looked in the face? Like losing a family…or going bankrupt…

What possible good did he and ESPN do when the proffered this as the answer…spend a little less money each hand…

Its a good thing for us they’re not doctors.

No, we get sold snake oil…just like ESPN’s stance on Bonds and steroids. Very quickly, the world…through a glimpse only ESPN had the “courage” to show…we learn how banal and racist and indeed mentally disturbed Baroid Bonds really is. They and they alone are counting Bonds’ flawed totals and they and Bonds and the few knee jerk fans can shiver in their little psychological igloo if they day he passes Ruth ever comes…let alone Aaron.

ESPN can mouth all they like that steroids are bad, but then the agenda goes back to empower the athlete, enable the bad behavior for the sake of today’s headlines and a few paltry sales more or confused, addled eyeballs.

Worldwide leader in sports? My fanny. Worldwide leader in getting and glorifying the most insensitive ego-centric lunkheads and getting them to say the most offensive lowest common denominator sound bytes.

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