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Pros Agree: Dog Hill, not Cog Hill

The Dubsdreadful Course at Dog Hill is getting slammed…and not by me, although I was ahead of the curve here and here…

Steve Elling of CBS Sports has the Tour players taking Rees Jones and Cog Hill to the woodshed, where they belong after wasting over $6 million in a vain attempt to draw a U.S. Open.

From the article:

Two years ago, the owner of the public course spent $6 million dollars and hired the so-called Open doctor, architect Rees Jones, to renovate the course with an eye on attracting a future U.S. Open. Instead, it is repelling tour veterans.

They might as well have hired Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, because Cink and the rest of the regulars have been napalming the design all week.

“I am going to echo what Zach Johnson told me,” Cink said after his round on Friday. “He said that on a scale of one to 10, this course is a minus 3.”

Cink, a former member of the tour’s Policy Board, is about the last guy anybody would expect to toss Molotov cocktails without good reason. There’s the rub — he has good reason.

One by one, players have been filing off at the BMW Championship this week and biting their tongues about the condition and design of the course.”

As I said before, as for Dog Hill, the heck with throwing it a bone, let it sleep outside while the cat gets your lap, let it eat horse meat, while the cat gets tuna and cream, and let it bay and howl while dodging the dog catcher while the cat sleeps on the bed near a roaring fire. That’s how to treat a mongrel of a golf course. Medinah should be good company for it. They have too much in common, and too little to offer in design and architecture.