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A Day of Smiles for Paula Creamer, Ian Poulter

No heavy lifting today: instead we’ll catch our breath before the Tour Championship and have a quick laugh and a smile.

First, Paula Creamer took that grillion-dollar, mega-watt smile to the USAF and flew a mission over Oakmont Country Club. Steve DiMeglio of USA got the best assignment of the week. From his article:

Reaching speeds of 650 mph — and hitting 18,000 feet in less than 10 seconds — Creamer flew a 65-minute mission last week in a non-combat F-16 and looked down during the flight at Oakmont Country Club north of Pittsburgh, where in July she won her first major title in the U.S. Women’s Open….Creamer’s interest in flying is in her blood — her father, Paul, flew jets for the Navy and then American Airlines. With the military in her background throughout much of her life, Creamer was appreciative and conscious of the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces — and intent on experiencing a measure of their daily lives.

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” Creamer said. “I’ve been around airplanes and jets my whole life. My father has never flown me himself. But he wanted me to have the experience he had up in the air. I wanted to learn about their jobs, what they go through, and thank them for what they do for our country.”

Next, Ian Poulter got pranked by Brad Faxon. Fax signed a hat to Poulter from “Johnny Miller 63 Oakmont.” Ian thought it was really from Miller and ripped him on Facebook, but the incident also shows how many in the golf world think Miller’s act has jumped the shark.

“The fact that people though Fax’s joke really was from Miller shows is that people have lost a lot of respect for Miller and don’t have a lot of confidence in him,” said one prominent sports journalist who spoke on condition of anonymity. “He never shuts up about
the 63, and his over-the-top statements significantly outnumber his insightful comments. He was on his way to becoming the “Jim Gray of golf” before Gray actually showed up at Golf Channel.”

Poulter and Miller squared off in cyberspace over Miller’s comments questioning Poulter’s ability and heart as a pro golfer.