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National Ski Council Federation Runs My Mount Sunapee Piece

Thank you to Joe Harvis, the National Ski Council Federation, and the folks at the North American Snowsports Journalists Association for all their help syndicating my Mount Sunapee article. Joe, you really made it look great.

Here’s a link to the NSCF site.

From the article:

“Money and TLC were all that Mount Sunapee needed, and the Muellers were not short of both. Make no mistake, the Muellers not only took Mount Sunapee to the next level with their advances in infrastructure, but their homespun charm and family wholesomeness became synonymous with Sunapee. You can still feel it to this day, and every patron who we talked to at Sunapee absolutely revered the Muellers. They were the polestar everyone was proud to follow. Only time will tell how much money and TLC Vail will provide in their turn, but with its proximity to Boston and enormous popularity and goodwill, Mount Sunapee’s a keeper.

It’s also a snap to get around. If you arrive early and hustle, you can ski the entire mountain in one day, (there are 68 trails on the map as we go to press), but it’s also large enough to spread out well and have a run to yourself virtually anywhere on the mountain, even on a busy day.”