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Mike Vaccaro on Rex Grossman and the Super Bowl

Mike Vaccaro made me spit up coffee all over my laptop reading my New York Post:

Maybe one of these days, the Chicago Bears can find their David Wright, a man who can finally put a stop to the nonstop revolving door that has occupied the position of quarterback for the NFL’s charter franchise. There was a time when it was believed that Rex Grossman could very well be that guy, but that was before he became the most reviled Chicago sporting figure since Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, the Mike Vanderjagt of his day, shanked that lantern back in 1871.

Try to read this piece without laughing out loud. I dare you, I double dare you.

I triple dog dare you, read that article without cracking up at least once. It can’t be done. Atta boy, Mike.

Well, since everybody else is making picks and I need to elevate my 1-1 record from the Conference Championships, I’ll ride the Colts, but I’d like to see Rex get a ring and prove everybody wrong. They have abused him needlessly this year.

“We’re 10-2 with Rex as our quarterback.” – Lovie Smith back in week 12 when the Bears clinched the NFC North.

Everybody still bet against them.  I took $100 off my cousin who gave me the Bears against the Seahawks and I didn’t have to give him any points, that’s how sure he was “Rex was gonna cost them the game.”

They beat the two most well rounded teams in the NFC – the Seahawks and Saints.  Still, the Colts are the tallest order the Bears face all year.  The onslaught is relentless.  They will have to smash Indy in the mouth for 60 minutes…NOT MERELY 58…that won’t get it done.  I think Indy has the horses to mount that last minute touchdown drive if needed.  The Bears are merely a 50-50 bet on just a last second field goal.  Still, come on underdog.  These are the moments in which your “sports legend” grows…

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