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Memo From the Sports Desk: Shut the Hell Up ’72 Dolphins (videos of the week)

As the ground-shaking running game, nut-cutting defense and game-blasting aerial attack of the New England Patriots gets closer and closer to going undefeated and untied, the greatest donkey show on Earth is growing more Shrill than a Hillary Clinton-Nancy Pelosy catfight.

That’s right, the decrepit, addled, self aggrandizing geriatrics of the 1972 Miami Dolphins are back to drop tabs of bad brown acid onto the tongues of any lunkhead stupid enough to stick out his tongue.  You only need to see one clip of Don Shula…THIS ONE CLIP to see exactly what kind of mind-numbing, Kumbaya-singing, Har-Krishna fascisti hellbroth he is trying to ladle out like Alzheimer-riddled Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

Then there’s “reformed” and “entrapped” coke fiend Mercury Morris.  Check out this donkey show on our regularly scheduled sports news donkey show…hosted by a donkey…:

Click here for Morris crap…err…”rap.”  I bet Stuart Scott loved that.  Where can he buy the album?

Free agency put a dent in them far worse than any damage the Redskins or Vikings could do in the super bowl and the merciless defenses of the Steelers and Raiders did the rest, sending them to the scrapheap of history.  If Paul Warfield played in today’s game, any number of guys would have buried him worse than Jack Tatum or Donnie Shell.

People were really hating the Patriots.  They were already disillusioned with them winning three Super Bowls, one with relative ease.  Their sense of fairness and sportsmanship were offended by lopsided scores and by the disingenuous answers from their surly-at-best, trouble-making-at-worst head coach.  They were ripe for being worse villains than the Yankees, Montreal Canbadians and 1972 Russian basketball team all rolled into one…

Until the ’72 Dolphins showed up…and now the only thing anyone can say is “for the love of god, somebody please kick their ass.”  First Shula comes out and tries to play the cheating angle and looks like poster boy for sour-pussed old man.  That was bad enough twice, but then he tried to say that winning 19 games is somehow inferior to winning 17 games?  That the only way it “could be done again” is “if we do it?”  Who wrote that talking point, Michael Moore?  Terry McAuliffe?  Or how about George “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” Lucas.  Is Morris trying some failed “Jedi mind trick” on us?

Well it backfired.  Congratulations, Dolphins.  You actually look like worse idiots than Belichick.  You actually eradicated all the good will that you might have had if you just kept your injfernal traps shut.  You better be ready to send the Steelers each their own private jet as a present if they somehow beat the Pats as a reward because noone else is doing it.
Short of that, have a nice hot cup of shut the hell up, because if they do go 19-0, you’ll be be yesterdays news worse than you already are.

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