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Golf Observer runs John Huggan’s Probing Interwith with Titleist CEO Wally Uihlein

Kudos to John Huggan, my colleague at GolfObserver who has this excellent interview with Titleist’s Wally Uihlein about the distance dilemma and bifurcation.

From the interview:

“JH: How about the bifurcation argument? Isn’t the grooves thing a step down that road?

WU: It is a de-facto bifurcation, yes.

JH: So why not have a tournament ball for the professionals? And a ball for the rest of us. Then we can stop screwing with all these great golf courses.

WU: You have to capitulate to me a little bit when it comes to saving the great courses. The professional game is only played on about 100 of the great courses.

JH: True. And believe me when I say that I have no desire to hurt your bottom line. I’m all for you making lots of money.

WU: I know. But there has been a lot of hyperbole written and spoken about us obsoleting all these courses.

JH: The trouble is that it tends to be the great courses.”

As a lawyer, In think a suit bt Titleist would be a nuisance suit: there is no “right to have your voice heard by a ruling body” or due process. The USGA runs the national championships, they make ther rules, end of story. Titleist has no contractual standing – called privity – with which to claim malfeasance. Indeed, it would be the worst kind of nuisance suit: a spite suit.