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Golf Course Trades Runs My Tobacco Road Article


I love writing about Tobacco Road, I love writing about Mike Strantz, and I love writing about wild designs that are rooted in Golden Age golf course architecture. When you have a terrific subject, it’s easy to write a gripping and compelling story.And Golf Course Trades did a marvelous job with my article. From the piece:

“I’d like the take the pros there and have then played that hole for $1,000,000 each of their own money,” Strantz confided in an interview with your author shortly before his passing. The depth perception gets harder the deeper the pin placement as well. That would be something to see.”
It would also be fascinating to see the pros tackle the myriad blind shots. Several holes are not only blind off the tee but semi-blind into the green as well. Some greens curve around enormous sand dunes, others are recessed into the dune’s face, and still others are almost completely obscured by the dunes. This gave rise to a poem called “The Tobacco Road Haiku,” (author unknown).

Where’s the freakin’ green?
Dude, I have no idea…
Check the yardage book.

(That’s five-seven-five, for those of you scoring at home.)”