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Golf Course Trades Runs my Links at Hiawatha Landing Article

As always, Golf Course Trades did a fantastic job with my article on Links at Hiawatha Landing, one of my favorite courses and an old home of mine way way waaaaaaay back in the day. The entire piece is here.

From the article:

“The year was 1994, and although the golf world didn’t know it or expect it, a tumultuous sea change had started. Golf had just entered the Second Golden Age of Golf Course Architecture. In particular, the public access “daily fee experience,” as it was known, was about to take the quantum leap from mere trappings, sundries, and après golf to phenomenal strategic designs that everyone could play. Overnight it seemed, architects like Tom Doak, Mike Strantz, and Brian Silva had opened daily fee facilities that weren’t just the country clubs for a day, but they were truly inspired by and reproduced the greatest ideas of the original golden age of golf design in America. Best of all, the tired, target, penal school of architecture was – finally – declining, much to the delight of average golfers everywhere.

As any climber will tell you, it takes only a few small pebbles to start an avalanche.

Hiawatha Landing was born in the formative years of this movement towards harmony.”