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Tag - Binghamton Golf

Golf Course Trades Runs my Links at Hiawatha Landing Article

As always, Golf Course Trades did a fantastic job with my article on Links at Hiawatha Landing, one of my favorite courses and an old home of mine way way waaaaaaay back in the day. The entire piece is here. From the article: “The year was 1994, and although the golf world didn’t know it or expect it, a tumultuous sea change had started. Golf had just entered...

Golf Course Trades Runs my Conklin Players Club Article

Once again, Golf Course Trades delivers in the biggest way. My Conklin PLayers Club article was a ton of fun to research and write,but all the good folks at the magazine made it look fantastic. From the article: “One night, out of a clear blue sky, Rick Rickard, who had never played a day of golf in his life, came home and announced to his wife Theresa, “Honey...