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CONGRATULATIONS! – Lee Sossen and Michelle Ramoni and a Caddyshack moment

We interrupt this golf trip to offer hearty congratulations to two of the AWITP extended family.

First, you read here about my buddy Lee Sossen who won the very first biatholon he entered back in May. Lee has done it again, winning another nationally reknowned biatholon event this weekend in the Northeast. Moreover, Lee got named to the US national biatholon national team and is headed to Australia to compete later this month. A stout heart and a true sportsman in the real sense of the word, Lee will represent our beloved red, white, and blue the way athletes are intended, with dignity and class. Go Lee! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Next, remember this name! Michelle Ramoni. “Aspiring” actress no more, this tall drink of water with the most gorgeous head of naturally curly red hair you ever saw just landed one of literature’s most coveted roles. Michelle will play Puck in the NYC performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The performances are slated for later this fall. Details to follow. An already accomplished sketch and stand-up comedienne, watch for Michelle’s future on stage and screen.

Last, welcome to the extended family to Bennie from Vegas and Mike from Denver. Good luck with those quadruplets Mike;) All you dad’s out there, think about that for a minute. Golfer by day, Bennie is a pastor by night shining the light of God in sin city. That’s gotta be as tough as quads too;)

That does remind me of a Caddyshack moment…

Bishop Pickering: You outta come down to our new Youtheran Center, Danny.

Danny: I’ve often thought of entering the priesthood

Wiseguy caddy: I’ve often thought of becoming a golf club…

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