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Marcus Vick, former Virginia Tech football quarterback arrested on firearm charges

Last week, two ESPN radio jockeys were debating how embarasses the Vick family must be after Marcus stomped on an opposing players defensless calf with his cleated size 16. Vick was kicked off the football team, permanently dumped after the Gator Bowl. The ESPN apologists (all bow down to the Holy Church of the Professional Athlete), simpered that compared to Billy...

CONGRATULATIONS! – Lee Sossen and Michelle Ramoni and a Caddyshack moment

We interrupt this golf trip to offer hearty congratulations to two of the AWITP extended family. First, you read here about my buddy Lee Sossen who won the very first biatholon he entered back in May. Lee has done it again, winning another nationally reknowned biatholon event this weekend in the Northeast. Moreover, Lee got named to the US national biatholon national...