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College Golf

Hootie and the Blowfish, Bulls Bay Set to Rock College Golf

Golf and rock and roll frequently work well together. Granted, they are not meant to be fused at the hip or married at the altar. Quiet, solitude and relaxing commune with nature are the essential therapeutic attributes of the game. Nevertheless, like a great rock concert, golf can also be exciting, electrifying and euphoric. The “roaring on the pines”...

Coach Mike Fleck, strong senior class look to bring Ball State NCAA golf glory

Four years ago, Ball State University golf coach Mike Fleck recruited four highly touted talents to come play for him. Four years later, this returning core of seniors and some gifted new finds are primed to seize control of the Mid-American Conference and send some major college programs back home licking their wounds. Fleck watches his charges intently as the play...