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JayFlemma.com is Here


The move deeper into the 21st century continues – it’s JayFlemma.com!

“Simple, beautiful, classic,” said Ian Faith, as he looked into the jet black album cover for Smell the Glove.  He’d say the same about this.  Bookmark it – this is our new home for compiling everything from Golf News Network, Facewash Magazine, and the best NFL picks in the business…as well as a smattering of other sports, sports and the law/media, and whatever else taps into the zeitgeist of the great American sports scene.

It’s been a phenomenal run with the Golf Space! We love them, and we will miss them.  The only thing that surpasses Tony  Korologos’s remarkable acumen as an Internet maven is how freakin’ awesome a guy he is.  He speaks with the heart the voice of the Golf Everyman, and we love that.  But he also lives the message, the ethos, the virtues of the game – camaraderie, good cheer, honesty, and grace.

He loves golf so much, he named his son Seve. That’s how hardcore he is.

Best of all, hanging out with Tony makes you a better person.  All the laughs!  All the smiles!  All the memories!  All the uneaten seafood!  All the hair-brained, half-baked contraptions like squid-ink died risotto in chorizo foam!

Those that want to stay in touch with him should check out his latest greatest:  Ute Hub.  With the football team peaking, it’s getting massive traffic.

In the meantime, get ready for a new look and my Boston trip redux.  Welcome aboard! Keep your hands inside at all times.