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Wild about Harrington – Padraig Wins Open Championship

While the rest of the world was wild about Harry Potter, (did you get to the part where….whoops, no spoilers here!), Padraig Harrington pulled a magic trick of his own. Here’s Golf Observer’s view.

Yes, that’s right. I picked Padraig to win here and here.  I( guess there’s a reason I’ll be in Tulsa in two weeks.
It’s time to end this ruthless demonizing of Sergio Garcia. I saw quite a few Ugly Americans this weekend “still angry over what he did to Tiger at Bethpage” and making fun of “his horrible Euro clothes.” Yeah, those are a reason not to like a guy. Are you also jealous he dated Norman’s daughter and movie stars? Yeah, he drooled in the cup and yes, I have no defense for that. But the guy showed remorse. If he were Tiger, you’d all be lining up to kiss his ring.

Anyway, just as Harry Potter is waving his wand in a blaze of glory, so too did Padraig wave his magic wands and survive a last minute dance with death. Poor Sergio played Voldemort all weekend (at least to many Americans) and the media got their Hollywood script. By the way, how cool was it to see everyone over there reading Deathly Hallows?  Page count everyone:  I’m on 172 and holding until my train ride home tonight.
J.K., we’ll miss you. Take a good long rest, but please come back to us. You write too well to be on the sidelines forever.  Besides, maybe your “something new” might be even better…

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