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Trump Buys Pine Hill in New Jersey – now Trump National Philadelphia

Great, just great: Donald Trump’s “I love me some me” tour just circled the wagons in two new places. Eric Bergstrol sold him two courses: Branton Woods. (now Trump National Hudson Valley) and, worse still, Pine Hill, (now Trump National – Philly). I think I just threw up in my mouth.

I used to love Pine Hill before I realized it was a little underdesigned. Typical Trump, enamored with Tom Fazio because his courses are prettiest and look the most like Pine Valley, (at times).

From the article:

These two courses are each considered among the finest in the country and I am proud to add them to my growing list of clubs,” Trump said in a statement. “Today, they would be virtually impossible to replicate from the standpoint of receiving governmental and environmental approval or from the standpoint of cost.”

Although Trump Golf declined to disclose the purchase price of the courses, the Poughkeepsie Journal reported that Branton Woods, a private club which Trump said cost $45 million to develop, had been on the market for $8 million.

The talk around Pine Hill, which the announcement also said cost $45 million to develop, was that Trump would be acquiring the facility for “pennies on the dollar.”….”First, the proximity to Pine Valley,” said Schutzenhofer. “It’s what, a mile or two away, and it compares favorably to Pine Valley. Second, it’s a Tom Fazio design on land that is similar to the land that the best golf course in the world is built on. Finally, its proximity to Philadelphia, where Donald Trump went to the Wharton School (at the University of Pennsylvania).”

Schutzenhofer also mentioned a certain confidence in the future of Pine Hill once it is rebranded as a Trump National property.

As the press released noted and Schutzenhofer reiterated, Trump National – Philadelphia, which has been semi-private, will be operated as a “high-end ultra-luxury private clubs.” Under Trump, he said, initiation fees will be $10,000, and annual dues will be $6,250; the club will also mount a campaign to grow the membership from its current 200 to 300. In the near future, said Schutzenhofer, Trump Golf will begin a capital improvement plan that includes upgrading the exterior and interior of the $6 million clubhouse, and canvassing members for other improvements they’d like to see. Trump also plans to have to Fazio return to update and possibly soften the very difficult golf course.”

Soften it? Why? It’s not that difficult to begin with. Oh well, SCOTLAND RUN IS HALF THE PRICE AND HAS JUST AS SOLID A SUNDAY BRUNCH…

Hat Tip: Steve “The one beer to have if you’re having more than one” Shaffer