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Tour Announcement – North Dakota

The team here at AWITP is heading out to North Dakota.

You read that correctly…there is indeed great golf with North Dakota. Jim Engh designed the 1997 best new course winner Hawktree in Bismarck. Mike Hurdzan just won bext new course for Bully Pulpit in Medora. Finally, at trails end Links of North Dakota (also called Red Mike for those of you scoring at home) architect and golf design professor Stephen Kay designed an excellent course.

All of them are less than $50.

What’s not to like?

Also, we’re very psyched to introduce Jay Kogan, Esq. of DC Comics as our partner in crime for this trip. Jay moderated the debate between myself, Stephen Kay and Bob Clarida of Cowan Liebowitz on can you copyright a golf hole back in October and, as general counsel to DC, is basically Superman and Batman’s lawyer.

Ever wonder how Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the rest of the Justice League get out of having to pay for all the collateral damage they cause every time they have to kick Solomon Grundy’s ass? (SOLOMON GRUNDY!) Ever wonder who keeps the Helen Thomases and ACLUs of the world at bay when they try to skewer Commissioner Gordon or Chief O’Hara for cruel treatment of villains and terrorists and Gene Hackman? Jay Kogan.

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