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Steve Czaban Eviscerates Tiger 2.0

Ouch! Steve Czaban dissects Tiger Woods’s golf and attitude in a scathing rebuke. From the article:

He’s playing the game right now, for all the wrong reasons. He will say he’s playing to break Nicklaus’ record, but in reality he’s playing the game to someday be able to deliver one last gigantic “forget you” (apologies, Cee Lo Green) to all of his enemies, media critics, and haters.

He’s programmed to deliver “forget you’s” to people.

Whether it’s a swing coach, caddy, or TV announcer who crosses his imaginary line of loyalty, or a sponsor who drops him, or an opponent who disses him, he lives for the f-you.

He wants one more big one, bad. Really bad. An “f-you” that will reverberate down to every dick with a blog, like me.

You can tell by the way he still talks in front of the golf media. They ask him a reasonable question, about reasonable expectations, and he goes back to the old Tiger mode of saying he expects to win.

“A “w””, he said about his expectations at the PGA. “A nice W.”

Dude. Get real. Nobody is buying it.”

Every word of that is true. I know, I saw, I was there. I was asking the questions, and he never gave us a straight answer, of course.

He’s lost everybody: journalists, fans, sponsors, and worst of all he doesn’t even care. In his mind, he’s still better than the rest of us. And that’s the real reason the sponsors haven’t come back – his Q rating sank like a stone. He’s not the figurehead they need him to be to sell their product.

Unless it’s sports cream in Asia. How the mighty have fallen.