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Royal New Kent, The Dixie Cup and Best New Private Course 2006

Three administrative matters today.

First, I’ll be finishing my roundup of most of the candidates for “Best New Private Course” shortly.  My reviews of Ballyneal, Liberty National, Dismal River and Bayonne will be up at Cybergolf next week.  Here are some preliminary thoughts on Bayonne – which looks remarkably like another excellent course, Arcadia Bluffs on the Michigan shore of Great Lake of the same name.
Speaking of new pieces, I’m working a story of one of my favorite courses in the world – The Legend of Royal New Kent – which should be ready next week.  Meanwhile, here is my review of RNK.  Go play it.  Don’t even stop to part your hair on the way out the door.  The wind will muss it up anyway.

After all, the howl of the wind is the clarion call to golf.

Anyway, Royal New Kent was designed by Mike Strantz, who besides being honored recently with the dedication of his portrait at Bull’s Bay (riding his horse Degas…pronounced DAY-gus, like Vegas), will have a small memorial Ryder Cup style match called the Dixie Cup played at Caledonia, True Blue and Bull’s Bay Next week.  I’ll be reporting live from the matches from November 3-7.

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