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Product Review – Adidas Adizero Golf Shoes


MARCY, MY – So I’m going to go all Tony Korologos on everyone and review some more gear.

Check out my bumpin’ new kicks. It’s the Adidas Adizero golf shoe, my first shoe since 1985 that hasn’t been a Foot Joy and hasn’t been a “wing tip” design. They are black, (the most important requirement), waterproof, (the 2nd most important…), and stylish. It’s the simple, beautiful, classic look of Adidas in a golf shoe, and with all the performance and quality you’ve come to expect from the undisputed King of Athletic Shoes. (Eat dung, Nike.)

I tested the Ads in the most severe conditions – an absolute drenching at the Yahnundasis and the mudpits Crestwood and Valley View became after 15 inches of rain in one month, the same soaking that plagued Winged Foot and Merion a few short weeks ago

The performance was outstanding. I have excellent support and balance. The shoes hug my feet, but have plenty of give when I move. They stayed dry in the soggy conditions and cleaned up perfectly after the mud baths. I wore their soccer shoes for years, and now I have their “soccer shoes for golf” and love them.

Meanwhile, Nike gets the award for the crappiest, ugliest, most uncomfortable, and flat out most pissant parvenu of a clown shoe ever foisted upon an unsuspecting public. It felt like a sarcophagus for my feet. And as for appearance, the only thing missing was the red nose and seltzer water bottles to hose down the other players. Oh, but the swoosh logo was huge, so it had that gong for it. Nike, you suck donkey balls. For trying to sell us such dreadfully made, overhyped dreck I hope you all die in the street like the filthy pigs you are. Mace is too good for you. We can do without your were-wolfish kind in polite society.

Adidas forever.