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Pictures of Lederach and Baltimore CC (West)

Here are some pix of Lederach and Baltimore CC, West Course.

The Lederach review is here:

Above and to the left, the first fairway is a harbinger of things to come, as Kelly Blake Moran cants his fairways severely here. Above and to the right, you see from the 2d tee, the rear of the blind fairway bunker of the par-5 third. Its blind from the tee of 3 and fairway, so beware when playing the hole.

To the right, Kelly has several great cross bunkers and perpendicular hazards to play over and around. Sign up to get a tee time now, as times the opening weekend are going fast and innumerable golf nuts are already booking foursomes.

The BCC west review is here:

To the right, the excellent 8th green has a dramatic false front. If you play away from the false front, you bring the bunker into play. The safe play here is to the back…again following the doctrine of deception and hiding the actual safe spot from the player, who is left to puzzle it out for himself with out spoon feeding or dictatorial command by the GCA.

Below, the seventh green is a double green with the first and showcases good green contours with a slightly canted fairway.

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