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Moving on to a new magazine and Internet site

Yesterday I told the Travel Golf team thanks so much for all their input and support but I was moving on to a different site and magazine with other, full fledged golf writers. Actually it’s TWO new sites with golf writers and sportswriters you all know and like. The detailed announcement is coming soon, so you’ll have two new sites to read. Unfortunately, their response to my moving my career forward was less than diplomatic. Their false and disparaging comments and “quotes” should not be taken seriously, especially since two of the commentators are fictitious entities and not real people.

I still wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. I actually did learn alot in the last few months, had a great time, covered my first major, and got plenty of work done on my first book. Plus I have print pieces coming out soon in magazines and newspapers. In the meantime, there is plenty more golf writing coming so as my “butt buddy” Rob Thompson says “Back to golf.” Tomorrow I’ll have more of my interview with Brian Silva.

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